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How do I make my toner cartridges last to their full potential?
When your toner cartridge gets low or print quality starts to fade, remove the cartridge from the printer, roll it back and forth from end to end (as if you were waves rocking a boat), then knock on the cartridge with one knuckle from one end to the other, on a solid part of the cartridge (not the plastic flap covering the shiny roller). Return the cartridge to your printer and try printing.
Does it really cost more per cartridge when you buy a cheap printer?
Absolutely, yes! Printer manufacturers make profits by selling cheap printers which require a new cartridge every ream of paper (500 pages). Only the more expensive printers take cartridges which can last for more than a case of paper (5000 pages). This is referred to as a cost-per-page analysis. A slightly more expensive printer could potentially pay for itself after 2 cases of paper.
Does Tonerport, Inc. refill their own toner and ink cartridges?
No. We purchase all our remanufactured cartridges from companies who have professional refilling facilities with up-to-date equipment and quality standards superior to any business refilling out of their retail store-front.
If I placed an order today, how soon will I get the product?
On in-stock orders, we offer free same-day delivery to local customers, and free 2-5 day shipping to out-of-the-area customers. On out-of-stock orders, customers can expect free delivery in 3-5 days, or the paying options of overnight or second-day shipping.
Does Tonerport recycle?
Yes! Here at Tonerport, we pride ourselves on reducing, reusing, and recycling everything we can. We recycle empty ink and toner cartridges, and all of our paper, plastic, and cardboard. We also offer free pick-up of used cartridges to our local customers, and highly encourage recycling to all of our out of state customers.
How can I order from Tonerport?
You can easily place orders via email, phone or fax. See our contact page for phone numbers and addresses.
The item I want is not listed on your web site - can I still get it from you?
Possibly Yes. If you are interested in a certain product that you do not currently see on our web site, you are welcome to contact us at order@tonerport.com so we can provide it for you.
How soon will my order be shipped?
All orders ship out the same day with an ETA of 1 to 2 days.


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