------------------------ About Us ------------------------

We have been in business serving our community and great state of Montana since 1992. We started as Ribbon Extension, an s-corporation. We incorporated and changed our business name to Toner, Ink & Ribbon, Incorporated in 1996 to reflect more of what we offered to our clients. We changed our name in 1999 in order to nationally trademark our business name and logo as Tonerport, incorporated in 1999.

Diana Ohlson
Tonerport President / Treasurer Since 1992.
Diana is an easy going lady, which you’ll learn as soon as you get the opportunity to spend some time with her. Within Tonerport you might call Bob the furnace, which leaves Diana with the massive responsibility to keep that furnace stoked, which includes ordering product, interfacing with customers and vendors alike, and making sure that someone waters the office plants. When she’s not busy keeping the gears oiled at Tonerport, you might find her gardening with her animals, playing her cello, or singing in one of the many community and group choirs she’s a part of in the Flathead Valley.
Bob Ohlson
Tonerport Vice President / Secretary Since 1992.
You might know him as Bob Ohlson, but to many of his customers his nickname is ‘Speedy~Bob’ or ‘Toner~Bob’ (for obvious reasons). You might just see a flash of him as he flies through your office; the only evidence he’s been through is that you just had your printer-cartridge stock replenished and the used toners recycled. In Bob’s free time he likes to play hockey, golf and listen to many varieties of music. He’s involved in many community activities and has served as a volunteer on the Whitefish Adult Hockey Assoc. board. Bob supports the Glacier Symphony as much as possible and is a devoted husband, father and grandpa of his 2 beagles (Tannie~B and Panda Bear).